During the first half of 2023 the gallery showed a range of Richard Tipping's works in progress without a formal exhibition programme.    The first exhibition was:

Richard Tipping, TV Times - a wall sculpture series of assemblages in 1970s television frames. 22 July to 16 August 2023

Bow and Arrow, Richard Tipping, 2023 From the series TV Times.

Stephen Hobbs, Square. Abstract paintings. 19 August to 6 September, 2023.  Invitation link

Alex Selenitsch, Emotionals - words & colours. Bright provocative concrete poetry. 30 September to 19 October 2023.

Chris Mansell, Transparencies.  21 October to 8 November 2023.

Lewis Koch and Richard Tipping, Photowords. Lewis Koch's  'photoword' photographs will be digitally projected; along with a selection of Richard Tipping's Signs of Australia series including vintage silver halide prints.  11 to 29 November 2023.

The Christmas Show Featuring artworks and books by gallery artists. 2 to 21 December 2023

Andrew Bennett: The Sound of a Single Wave. September 2023

Conceptual realist paintings, with exhibited poems (and more in the PDF book) responding to three of the key paintings. This resulted from a national competition judged by Chris Mansell.

Click the link below to see the book of poems with paintings. This is a free download ready for printing:

Andrew Bennett Ekphrastic Poems (30 pages A4) a digital publication by WordXimage, September 2023





Garry Shead and Emma Kidd


26 June to 10 October 2021  

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29 May to 23 June 2021

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Richard Tipping BIG WORKS

1 May to 26 May 2021

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News: After three years and eighteen exhibitions WordXimage is having a break for the remainder of 2024, and will return with a fresh programme in the new year.

The gallery space is currently a workspace where the literary and art archives of Richard Tipping are being sorted and catalogued for the National Library of Australia (a long overdue project); along with a book of new and selected poems.

A single large artwork is on display in the window, Richard Tipping's STAR MAD AIR, on board the Bounty, 1789 - in memory of Fletcher Christian.

WordXimage presents cross-overs between images and words, exploring relationships between poetry, art and sound; text and picture-making; publishing and exhibiting. Wordximage is the studio gallery of poet/artist Richard Kelly Tipping, with a programme of avant-unguarded shows presenting uncertain art for certain people.

WXI (pronounced 'WiXI') is a small shopfront exhibition space located in the main street of Maitland, a historic town in New South Wales, Australia, 2.5 hour's drive north of Sydney or thirty minutes from Newcastle. Join the mailing list to be alerted to openings. Or drop by and look through the window anytime. Sometimes open by appointment.

Contact:  445 High Street, Maitland 2320

Most recent exhibition

Kit Kelen  Word & Unword

20 April 2024 until 25 May  Exhibition opened by Josh Stenng by Kit Kelen     See more here


with a poetry readi  

Nicholas Pounder and Polar Bear Press: fine poetry art editions including Peter Kingston / Robert Adamson; Garry Shead / C.V. Cavafy; Robbie Coburn / GW Bot; Petr Herel / Francis Ponge; Number poems by ACR; Ken Bolton; Nigel Roberts; Pam Brown. 4 to 25 June 2022. An interview with Nicholas Pounder  talking about his life as a bookseller and publisher is available on this site.

Ethel Malley's Lovers featuring recently discovered amendments to Ern's poems by his sister Ethel written in copperplate alongside Sidney Nolan's sexually-charged drawings. Six new oil paintings by Garry Shead. Scintillating acrylic paintings by James Willebrandt and Andrew Bennett. Four oil paintings by Gary Willis responding to post-Malley poems by Ronnith Morris. A traditional oil painting of Ern looking goitred by Duncan Harty. Photographs of Ern as a shady character at night leaving his factory workplace in East Maitland by Ida Halliday.

Kurt Brereton INCLINATIONS including paintings with hand-sewing and the launch of his new book Inclinations. 2 to 21 April 2022                                                 see more

Toby Fitch, Object Permanence: Calligrammes. December 2022

The complete calligrammes are the third book in the new Visual Poetics series by Puncher & Wattman in association with Thorny Devil Press. Available at $35 from:

The exhibition features the full A3 folio edition, being 50 sheets of these dynamic visual poems in full colour published by Thorny Devil Press in an edition of ten signed by the author.

Toby Fitch's innovative reimagining of possibilities for poetry on the page, a century after Apolliniaire's Calligrammes (1918), is a daring challenge to ideas not only of how a poem may look, but how it may be relished as a visual and verbal dance through patterns of meaning.  

MAIL ART: Imaged Words and Worded Images, curated by David Dellafiora. A collection of 170 original A5-sized artworks posted from 27 countries! Assembled by David in Geelong as a part of his project Field Study International. Exciting news that the entire exhibition will become a part of the collection of the excellent Maitland Regional Art Gallery after the exhibition at WordXimage. 2 July to 12 August 2022 see more

This is Not Ern. Ethel Malley.

Hand inked signature of Ethel Malley on inside coverboard board of The Darkening Ecliptic, and edition with drawings by Sidney Nolan, McAlpine Press London, 1974. Two examples.

Gary Willis - Voss: Paintings from the Vault  "Willis began to see The Myth of Voss as a form of 'whitefella sorry business' played out through the death of Ludwig Leichhardt." Bernard Smith. This important group of paintings and drawings was shown in the Baillieu Library at the University of Melbourne in 2004.       22 October to 3 November 2022